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Frequently Asked Questions
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Who is All American Home Phone?
We are llcensed by the Public Service Commissions of the states in which we provide service (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee). Our managers have a combined 60 years of phone experience. We provide the highest quality phone service!

Where are you located?
Our main office is in Baton Rouge, LA, but you can make your payment at any agency location. To reach us by phone: Sales 1-800-308-8585, Customer Service 1-800-673-1529. By mail, please mail to All American Home Phone, P.O. Box 2039, Gonzales, LA 70707-2039.

What is the Lifeline program?
Lifeline is a program designed to increase the availability of telecommunications services to low income subscribers by providing a credit to monthly recurring local service for qualifying residential subscribers.

Is the phone line the same quality as my old line?
Yes. Our phone lines are top quality equal to the lines used by the major carriers. In fact, we resell the BellSouth network, although we are not affiliated with BellSouth.

Can I keep my old phone number?
In most cases, if you still have a dial tone on your line you should be able to keep your old phone number. We always try to keep your old number as it's usually the fastest way to connect your service. If for some reason we can't your old number, you will get top quality phone service.

Do I have to have a dial tone on my line?
No. Anyone can get phone service – dial tone, no dial tone – even if you've never had phone service in your home before

I don't even have a phone jack. Can you still help?
If you have no phone jacks or no working phone jacks in your home, you'll need to hire a phone technician to install a jack or fix any wires inside your home.  We only provide phone service. You can look in the yellow pages for several companies that provide wiring.

Do I need to be home the day that the service is scheduled to be turned on?
Not usually. Our Order Department will contact you if for any reason we need you to be at home.

What area can I call with All American Home Phone service?
All American Home Phone provides unlimited local calling. The range of local calling will be different in every city and town. You will be able to call everywhere that your old phone company considered a local call which is usually the town you are in and many of the surrounding towns. In the first few pages of every phone book is a list of what areas are local. If you are unsure of what is a local call, you may consult the phone book to be sure or call our customer service number for additional assistance.

Can I access the internet?
Yes. Our lines can be used for dial-up access to internet service providers that are local or 800 number accessed.

Can I receive phone calls from anyone, anywhere?
Yes. You can receive calls from anyone, anywhere as long as the call is not collect.

Can I make long distance calls?
Yes. All American Home Phone provides 100 FREE long distance minutes every month.  You can also upgrade to 500 minutes per month, or 2,000 minutes per month. All American Home Phone long distance works anywhere in the 48 continental United States. Or, you may use any prepaid long distance card.

Can I add features to my line later if I don't take them now?
You may add features at any time. All you have to do is submit payment for the features that you want to add plus a (state specific) service charge. The service charge covers all features so if you add more than one feature you only pay one service charge. Features and options are generally activated within 3-5 days from payment.

How long does it take to get my phone turned on?
Your service with All American Home Phone is usually on within 3-5 business days or less from the time your service order payment is received.

Does it ever take longer than 3-5 days?
Until your service order is put into the system we can not know the activation date for certain. Sometimes it takes longer than 5 days. This is most common in cases where there has never been phone service or where there has been no phone service in quite some time.

I'm going to be moving – can I keep my number when I do?
You can usually keep your number when you move, provided you move within the same local area and if it is within 30 days of disconnection of the service at the old location. Remember, All American Home Phone service can go with you in most places in Louisiana.

Can I pay my monthly service at the same place I originally signed up?
Yes, in most cases. Check with customer service before making your regular payment to be sure that the location you sign up at is authorized for monthly payments.

When will my next payment be due?
Your first regular monthly payment will be due 24 days from the date your phone service is activated. So, if your phone is activated on the 15th , your payments will be due on the 9th. As long as you make your payment on or before your due date, that date will never change.

Will I receive a notice in the mail?
You should receive a notice in the mail. We always send them, but we can't guarantee its delivery. It's always best to make sure you post your due date on your calendar. If you're unsure of your due date, or to get any basic information about your account, call our Customer Service line (800-673-1529) any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Is there a grace period if I don't pay on time?
Unfortunately, we are required to pay our supplier (BellSouth) in advance for your service also.  So, we must have your payment on time, as well.

What can't I do with this line?
You can't dial any number for which there would be a charge*. That includes operator, directory assistance and any phone numbers beginning with a 1** other than toll free numbers.

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