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Lifeline Government Program

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Qualifying for Lifeline:

A customer is eligible for Lifeline service which includes the Government Lifeline subsidy if that customer is a current recipient of one or more of the following program(s):  Medicaid, Food Stamps, Assistance to Needy Families/AFDC (TANF), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Federal Public Housing Assist. or Section 8, Low-Income Home Energy Assist. (LIHEAP), National School Free Lunch (NSL); a customer is also eligible for the Lifeline subsidy if household income is at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.  These qualifying programs vary by state.

Services Offered for Lifeline Customers Are As Follows:

  • Voice grade access to the public switched network
  • Local Usage
  • Dual tone multi-frequency signaling or its functional equivalent
  • Single-party service or its functional equivalent
  • Access to emergency services
  • Access to operator services
  • Access to interexchange service
  • Access to directory assistance
  • Toll limitation for qualifying low-income consumers

Do you qualify for government subsidies such as Food Stamps, SSI, or Section 8? Download and fill out the application form for the government’s Lifeline phone service subsidy program.

Please fax completed form to: 1-877-607-7070 or, mail to: ALL AMERICAN HOME PHONE, P.O. Box 2039 Gonzales, LA 70707-2309

Lifeline is a program designed to increase the availability of telecommunications services to low income subscribers by providing a credit to monthly recurring local service for qualifying residential subscribers.

Our Super 6 plan is customized for the Lifeline Program.

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